Importance of Film Cameras in the Digital Age

''woman holding film camera

The development of digital cameras is growing every day. Digital photography has almost replaced traditional film photography. In this time, film cameras production has been decreasing considerably. While digital cameras offer a lot of advantages, there are still valuable benefits of using film cameras. If you want to know more about everyday living, click here to learn about other essentials. However, here is the list to know why film photography is still worthy of use, even in today’s generation.


film camera on grass

The Size of the Sensor

The digital camera’s image sensor is limited when it comes to size. In comparison to a film camera, the digital camera’s sensors are smaller. It might cause some issues, including sensitivity to light and pixel noise. It is sporadic to find many user-oriented cameras that have full-frame sensors nowadays. Hence, digital camera sensors are not as good if you compare it to film cameras as it offers a higher image “resolution.”

The Problem with Dust

Dirt and dust are common issues in film photography; even so, digital cameras are not an exception to dirt and grime. When dust gets inside the sensor of the camera, it will be hard to take a clearer image.

The Backup and Storage

A film camera doesn’t require you a storage medium. The film reel is all you need. Also, film reels are not as vulnerable as digital cameras. You may end up damaging a frame or two if you mishandle the film reel, but the rest of the structures will remain intact.

A large memory card and hard drives are required to store digital images. It will be difficult to recover the photos you have taken if the storage media got damaged. All of your files will disappear forever.

The Reliability

film camera's negative

The film camera’s negatives are proof of the authenticity of the image. Negatives have higher reliability than digital photos. There is a lot of photo editing software that exists nowadays that let you modify digital pictures. The possibilities of fabricating photos of digital images are high, which will not happen for film photography.
Although film photography will not be able to survive soon, they’re a lot of photography professionals that believe diving into film photography still has an edge.…