Everyone loves to travel. A long time spent on the road, however, could be boring, mostly if there is nothing to entertain with. As a musician, though, traveling can get tricky, especially when you have to leave your instrument behind. How do you stay at the top of your game musically, even while out on the road? Rang a bell? This article will share with you some entertaining tips on practicing music while traveling.

Improve Your Ears


The best way to stay musical on the road is to train your active listening skills. Put on headphones, take some time to concentrate, keep a notebook by your side, and digest everything you hear. Write down what you think the harmonies are and what the instrumentation is, and maybe even guess the melodic intervals. It is like chefs, when trying to figure out what ingredients are in dishes just by taste — they improve their palette and get ideas for new techniques and ingredients to try.

Stretch Your Musical Interest

They take advantage of being in a new place to follow a variety of musical styles. Save a list of musicians, melodies, or techniques you are interested in or have never spent time with. Learn more about local music genres, like Shazam songs that can be heard in stores and cafes. Travelling could be the perfect time to acquire all sorts of new creative insights as you process unique views, sounds, and experiences.

Take Technical Exercises

There are always ways to engage your musical muscles, even when away from your instrument. It is probably easiest for singers, but if you’re a guitarist, consider buying some finger-strengthening machines. If you are a pianist, bring a song you are working on and play it at your desk. Each instrument is different, so reverse a second google or ask a teacher for ideas before you go out.

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